ATA Carnet

ATA Carnet is passport for goods,It is presented when entering a Carnet country with merchandise or equipment that will be re-exported within 12 months.


ATA Carnet can speed customs, save your time and more economic ,it enable your shipments enjoy duty-free customs clearance while temporary imports into foreign countries,it can also simplify entry by eliminating the need to post a Temporary Import Bond.


Now China customs accepts exported goods under ATA carnets with below purpose:

1.Commercial Samples – Commercial Samples include any and all items which are temporarily imported for the purpose of demonstration or for the solicitation of orders.

2.Professional Equipment – This category is typically "tools franck muller replica of the trade” and includes equipment or goods needed to work while in a foreign country.

3.Exhibitions and Fairs – This category includes trade, industrial, agricultural u-boat flightdeck replica or craft exhibitions as well as fairs, exhibitions for a charitable purpose or to promote learning, crafts, scientific or cultural activity.



Examples of equipments covered by ATA Carnet:

1.Musical Instruments for an Orchestra Tour

2.Acoustical Testing Equipment for a Performance Venue

3.Computer Network Routers for Testing or Demonstration

4.Photographers Camera Equipment

5.Artifacts for Display or Exhibition

6.Vehicles for Racing or Exhibition

7.Garments for a Fashion Show

8.Sets and Props for a Live Theater, Dance or Opera Performance


ATA carnet specialist in China:

ARTCULS’ founder starts to handle ATA carnets from 2006, there is no doubt that we are truly a ATA carnet specialist in china.we provide following service in China for domestic and overseas clients:

1.ATA carnet application

2.ATA Carnet Endorsement

3.ATA Carnet customs clearance

4.ATA Carnet consultancy



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