Temporary Import

Temporary import applicable for goods temporarily enter or leave Chinese customs territory and such goods shall replica iwc be re-transported out of or into the Customs territory within 6 months from the date of entry or departure.The duties and VAT of temporary import goods can be exempted:


  1. replicas hublot 18px">Duty-free import and export


 There is no duty and VAT for temporary import goods


 2.Security deposit


A security deposit of an amount equivalent to that of the duties payable or a bond in another form must be provided to the Customs by the duty payer upon entry or departure,replicas franck muller after the goods re-transported out of or into the Customs territory,the security deposit can be returned.


3.1/60 duty


Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Import and Export Duties article 42 states that nine types of temporary import and export goods can be exempted from duty. Other temporary import and export goods will acquire a 1/60 duty monthly according to the provisions of article 42 through article 46 of the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Duty Collection of Import and Export Goods.


4. Cargo status


The nature of the temporary import and export goods can not be changed, the goods can not be sold, donated, abandoned,replicas bell & ross processing.... must be re-transported out of or into the Customs territory within 6 months.


General speaking,following items can apply temporary import and export permit:


 (1) goods for display or use at exhibitions, fairs,replicas cartier meetings or similar events;

 (2) items for performance or contest in cultural or sports exchange;

 (3) apparatus, equipment or items for press, cinematography or television programs;

 (4)apparatus,replicas omegaequipment or items for scientific research, pedagogical or medical activities;

 (5) means of transport and special purpose motor vehicles for functions specified in Items (1) through (4) of this Paragraph;

 (6) samples;

 (7) apparatus and tools for installation,replicas audemars piguet adjustment or test of equipment;

 (8) other goods intended for non-commercial purposes such as self-drive tour vehicle


ARTCULS handles hundreds of shipments by temporary import and export every year.our service covers main Chinese cities include Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou and Shenzhen. replicas breitlingwe are well aware of the customs documentation requirements and the operation procedure,we guarantee you a fluent temporary import and export service in China.


Our Services Case:



  1. “2013 Kia World Extreme Sports Competition “slide climbing wall temporary import and export
  2. 2013 The 1st ART MACAO paintings and sculptures temporary import and export
  3. 2013 Hong Kong Art Fair artworks temporary import and export
  4. 2010 “Shanghai JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge”replicas iwc timing devices temporary entry and exit


Our service scope:

1.Temporary Import and Export planning and consultancy

2.Temporary import and export permit application

3.Complete temporary import and export documentations

4.Customs clearance

5.Pick up and delivery

6.Re-export customs declaration

7.Security deposit return handling

8.Featured Temporary import service:self-drive tour vehicles temporary import




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