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Project Logistics


A Leading Project Logistics Company Serving US Enterprise


ARTCULS provides tag heuer replica integrated turn-key project logistics services for various project owners, contractors and suppliers.


From consulting, planning, preparation, to transportation, customs clearance, delivery to door, we offer one stop tailor-made services to ensure relative facilities and equipments moved from one place to its destination safe and quickly.


We understand the time pressures faced by multinational corporations managing overseas and transnational projects. Choose to work with a company who puts a premium on precision, efficiency, speed and customer service. Amongst Asia’s project logistics companies, Artculs is proud to be one of the most respected, trusted and sought after organisations working in the US, European and global markets.


Our project logistics services mainly cover following aspects:

1.Oil & Gas equipments

2.Construction materials


4.Over-weight and over-sized equipments


Our service scope:

1.Heavy lift & oversize cargoes transport

2.Packing & Crating service, unpacking & uncrating service

3.Logistics plans and site surveys

4.Lashing, container binding and fixing

5.Ro-Ro ships

6.Bulk transport

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